Webhaus took pride in designing websites ranging from corporate, personal or promotional website that meet your specific needs, reflect your brand and most importantly making you money. Promote your message with the digital language of content, functionality and images. Focusing on usability and simplicity, we create meaningful, captivating sites. We will always strive to build you a complete website by adding our marketing touch to help and bringing in high level of traffic and convert them into sales. We make sure your visitors not only stay longer, but also turn into customers. Under promise, over deliver is our commitment

What do you get?

Web Design and Development Process


The first step in our process is to comprehensively research your needs. During this discovery phase, we seek to understand what both your end-users and your department requires for success. We brainstorm creative approaches for your project and present them to you for approval.


Planning ProcessPutting a plan together based on the requirement gathered and finalizing it. Creating a sitemap for pages to be created and help making a web flow navigation, understanding the available resources and deciding on what technologies will be used to create the product.


Once we are in agreement about what you need, we begin to write out a feature list and create prototypes for your website or application. This is called wireframing and is used to foresee and solve many important decisions, as well as keep your project within the scope of the project. This is the first chance you will have to “see” your product in action, without full functionality.


Once prototype is approved, web development comes into play successful design, include good HTML/CSS code according to web standards and functional code and database connections. From the master page created coding other pages like contact us, blog, etc. The content is added to ensure correct flow. Any changes needed to be made should be done during this phase.


Finally, you will be able to view a demonstration link that shows off your project, and you can begin to familiarize yourself with it. When it’s ready go live, we’ll help you set up or transfer it to your hosting company, where it can begin working for your business, creating efficiencies and increasing productivity.

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