Webhaus is a web services provider based in Johor Bahru. Our development and design teams are known for their experience with custom projects ranging from alluring website design, to innovative web app development. Each member of our creative team brings a variety of effective ideas and understanding that can only enhance your objectives.

We utilize the latest technologies that are both proven and practical. Our aim is to make the process easier for you: we provide you with the right tools for Web Development, hosting, ecommerce, security, content management, and search engine optimization.


Fulfill the needs by exceeding the clients’ expectations”. This is our mission which clearly shows our team will always stay focused on our clients’ needs by formulating creative, proficient as well as result-oriented web solutions.


“Grow both horizontally and vertically to occupy a firm position in the competitive nation market place”. We aspire to be a premier company in web services sector across the nation.

What we are Offering?

Every project we do begins with an evaluation of your business and your objective. Our aim is to understand your organization and industry and then discover the problems that you want to solve. We listen to you and examine your business in detail, then apply their expertise to formulate a workable plan for your website project.

Once the evaluation is complete, we consult with you and analyze the results as we prepare a proposal for your solution. The proposal provides a full explanation of the design and scope of the project, along with the time requirements and total cost.

When we have completed and tested all the components to make sure they are working as expected, we set up the final product on your own server and run another round of testing for connectivity and access.

We provide support for all our projects immediately after they go live. During this period, we monitor your solution and systems, and fix any bugs. We also provide basic user training for system administrators and users. We welcome all feedback and will suggest additional upgrades to give you an even greater edge over your competition.

Once you accept the proposal, we now swing into full action to develop each component in the plan. You are kept in the loop and encouraged to provide immediate feedback. During development, your solution is hosted in a dedicated development environment, where you have exclusive access to your project throughout the process